Going green: our Snowdon hydro project

National Trust Scotland visit Hafod y Llan © Keith Jones

National Trust Scotland visit Hafod y Llan

Snowdon hydro project

We’re all for sharing at the Trust. Recently, around 40 National Trust Scotland staff made the journey down to Hafod y Llan farm in Snowdonia, Wales, to glean some tips from our Welsh team on sustainable energy generation.

Keith Jones, our environmental advisor for Wales, writes:

‘The National Trust for Scotland came to town yesterday. Well actually 40 staff members came to Hafod y Llan farm on Snowdon to see, learn and share. The Trust in Scotland are about to embark on the generation of sustainable energy journey. Archaeologist were speaking to archaeologists, rangers to rangers and ecologist to ecologists.

‘We spent the day looking at AD, biomass, LED, heat pumps and the inevitable Snowdon hydro. The feedback was really positive. Nothing beats seeing and discussing. This event and many variations of it will be the cornerstone of the fledgling Fit for the Future Network.

‘The aim of the network is very simple (here comes the dating agency analogy); we aim to match members’ needs to people who have solutions. Why reinvent the wheel? No organisation knows everything but some of ‘everything’ is known by all of the organisations in the network.’

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You can find out more about the progress of this build and other renewable projects on our Going Green blog.