Oil paintings at our places

Detail of the Hagar and Ishamael oil painting by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake © 33859/John Hammond

Detail of the Hagar and Ishamael oil painting by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake

Together with the Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF), we have produced a series catalogues of all the oil paintings in our houses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The six beautifully illustrated volumes are now on sale in hardback and can be purchased at £35 each or £200 for the set from our online shop.

The information included in each of the volumes will provide inspiration to anyone with an interest in art. It also provides a major source of material for scholarly research into art history.

A nationwide inventory
This nationwide inventory includes all portable paintings in oil, tempera, acrylic and mixed media (although not watercolour or gouache) which are in public ownership or on public display, and is the culmination of a ten-year project by the PCF to photograph all the nation’s oil paintings.

Bringing together the collection
In just over four years, three-quarters of our paintings were photographed in properties such as historic mansions and castles, to cottages and lighthouses.

Just over 12,500 paintings are included in the volumes which are divided into geographic regions, each with an introduction by Alastair Laing, formerly the Trust’s curator of pictures and sculpture.

Most of the paintings are illustrated, and each volume has around 40 full-page photographs.

A journey through time and place
The volumes include all periods: from the Renaissance to the Golden Age of Dutch painting, and the 18th-century Grand Tour to the Pre-Raphaelites and modern art.

The paintings vary in subject and style from the largest single painted canvas in Europe by Rex Whistler in Plas Newydd in Wales, to a small art nouveau enamel of Nina Cust at Belton House.

The Public Catalogue Foundation is a charity concerned with the preservation of the nation’s paintings and the proceeds of the catalogues will go towards conservation and restoration of paintings.

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