Hazel's story



Let me tell you, I have spent the last eight weeks having the time of my life!  It started when, dressed as Little Bo Peep, I put together a flock of sheep plus a very laidback sheepdog and read stories to children in their pyjamas. All my stray sheep were rounded up by eager eyes following a trail through the museum. August activities started with colouring birds and owls, following trails of bugs, birds, insects and small creatures to making and designing shields.

To watch a family work together as a team is only surpassed by grandparents who take great joy in discovering their childhood again. On play day we tried edible campfires. This was great fun helping the children as they dabbled in chocolate and icing. (Many camp fires did not make the journey home but were eaten straight away.)

The highlight of activities had to be Pirates! My efforts to raise a young crew for a sailing from Sudbury docks failed but several parents were willing to join up. Many sword fights took place with my young adventurers knocking me off my feet.

Away from the children I volunteered for the theatre group evening and enjoyed talking to our guests as they settled down for the entertainment. Some people like to talk about other Trust properties and experiences and these can be stored up for later use at a different time. The cinema evening I enjoyed partly because the film was new to me but again the exchange between members is interesting and enlightening. Away from the museum, I have worked in Derby on a recruitment day, cut out bird sculptures for an outside exhibition and prepared novel picture frames for an ongoing project.

I love my volunteer work during term time, working alongside a team to bring the museum to life for school parties; toy workshops, museum tours, children climbing chimneys and questions about the exhibits all mean my days are unique, special, exciting, fun and very worthwhile.

This summer reminded me of childhoods long ago and I had the time of my life.

Thank you, Sudbury.