West Cumbria Nuclear Waste Repository

Wasdale, Eskdale and Duddon in West Cumbria © Joe Cornish

Wasdale, Eskdale and Duddon in West Cumbria

The Trust will not allow seriously intrusive testing activity for nuclear waste storage on our land.

We take no position for or against nuclear power, but object strongly to any serious adverse impact on our properties from the testing for, or implementation of, infrastructure for nuclear energy generation or nuclear waste disposal.

We remain strongly opposed to the creation of a geological disposal facility in the Lake District for nuclear waste.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is consulting on changes to the process to find an underground site to store nuclear waste (a Geological Disposal Facility, or GDF). Should the process change as a result of the consultation, there is the potential that local authorities in West Cumbria would choose to continue with testing to establish if there is a suitable site. Trust land at Eskdale and Ennerdale could be at risk of intrusive and destructive testing.

Our North West region have written to local stakeholders to confirm that it would not permit seriously intrusive testing on its land. This will form the basis of our response to the DECC consultation.

The Lake District is a special place of international importance and outstanding natural beauty. It is much loved by people across the world and receives over 15 million visits each year. We are proud to look after a fifth of the National Park area on behalf of the nation for ever and therefore we will oppose an underground nuclear waste store or intrusive testing in the Lakes. As we hold land in the Lakes inalienably, for the permanent benefit of the nation as a whole, we would take any threat to this land extremely seriously.

We believe that the decision about where to store nuclear waste is one of national significance that must be made on the basis of the best information. The starting point should be geological and environmental suitability. Robust, broadly-based and transparent public consultation should be a major part of the decision-making process.

Read our response to the DECC consultation.