Tidal storm damage four days on

I don’t think that boat’s supposed to be there © Justin Scully

I don’t think that boat’s supposed to be there

Latest update 09.12.2013 15:39

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has been in touch over the last few days with messages of support and offers of help. Our teams have been working hard since before the storm hit and are extremely appreciative of your kind messages.

If you’re thinking of visiting the North Norfolk Coast, which has seen the most damage, please take care when in the area. Some areas are impassable, so caution is recommended. Our ranger teams are out and about as a clean up operation is well underway.

Here’s an update on the latest from our places around the coast:

Blakeney Point
We are continuing to monitor the seal colony, but it is with relief that they have fared better than we had hoped. The team managed to count the pups over the weekend and 1,235 were counted, which is up on last week and new pups are still being born. The Lifeboat house has been flooded and the team are currently assessing the damage. The surrounding buildings have also been flooded and in the coming weeks, repairs will need to be made to walkways, fencing, jetty and buildings.

Blakeney Freshes
The Freshes have been inundated with saltwater flooding, we’re liaising with the Environment Agency and Natural England as we assess the situation.

Blakeney Quay
Today Blakeney Quay has re-opened after it was flooded on Thursday evening from the high tide. Boats moored on the quay ended up on the road on Friday morning and the water flooded homes and the King’s Arms pub. There is still debris and rubbish that will need clearing in the coming days.

Brancaster Staithe
The Activity Centre was flooded last week and the clean up has begun to get the Centre operational again. The National Trail boardwalk has been raised and debris has been left behind on the road towards the Quay and the car park. There has been some damage to buildings and to the fisherman’s quay. A caravan has even been washed up!

Brancaster Beach
There have been a number of breaches in the sea wall and some livestock has been displaced. Sand, rubble and debris has been washed up off the road and onto the road and car park. The toilets are currently out of action, as they were flooded with six feet of water. The dunes have also taken a battering and the hard defences have been revealed.

The tidal surge has created a number of breaches, and consequently the car park has been inundated with shingle.

As you can imagine a number of boats have been displaced with the tidal surge. We’re recommending caution when walking in the area, as a number of bridges have either been washed away or are damaged. The information centre has also been flooded.

Stiffkey Freshes and Greenway
Again boats have been displaced in the area and there’s numerous debris and rubbish that will require cleaning up. Again there has been damage to bridges in this area, so please take caution if you’re walking in the area.

We’re currently assessing wind damage to the sails. We’re continuing to support the volunteers of Friends of Horsey Seals who are monitoring the seal colony in the area.

The Guildhall in King's Lynn
The Guildhall cellar was flooded last week and water had to be pumped out. The team are still assessing the damage.

Orford Ness
There have been a number of breaches and large areas of the Ness have been flooded, however, this has been more from the sea flooding the river and the river flooding the Ness. The water is currently being pumped out of some areas of the reserve, however, this is quite normal at this time of year. We’re still continuing to asses the reserve as the water levels recede, but we’re pleased to report that buildings are otherwise undamaged. However, despite the flooding the team have already spotted several Chinese water deer and lots of hares. One of the rangers did leave some prawns in the fridge over the weekend and they are now making themselves known...!

Dunwich Heath
Large amounts of shingle have been shifted, so please take care when walking along the beach.

Essex coastline
There has been flooding to farmland on Northey Island and lots of debris has been washed up at Pin Mill, and there has been some tree damage at Hatfield Forest, due to the high winds.