Phil Dyke - Coast and Marine Adviser

Phil Dyke, our Coast and Marine Adviser © National Trust

Phil Dyke, our Coast and Marine Adviser

Phil Dyke
Coast and Marine Adviser

Phil Dyke is our coast and marine adviser and heads up the Coast and Marine Issues Group.

We asked him a few questions about what he does and why he enjoys working for us.

How long have you been our coast and marine adviser?
Since 2007.

What does your average day look like?
What I value most about my work is that there is no average day. It’s a real mix of working with colleagues in support of coastal and marine management, commissioning research to inform solutions to problems we face, and working in an advocacy role to influence external partners delivering coastal management.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?
The best part of my job is the privilege of working with some amazing people, within and beyond the Trust and often at some wonderful locations. The downside is that working on the edge there is always a good deal of travelling. However, for many meetings now we use teleconference facilities to reduce travel and C02 emissions.

What is your favourite coastal location?
I think there are two different types of people: there are those who like open coastlines and those who like enclosed estuary landscapes. I’m definitely an estuary person. And where I live in Cornwall, Messack Point within the Carrick Roads on the Fal estuary, is my particular favourite.

How has your love of the coast shaped your work as coast and marine advisor?
Our acquisition of my favourite place, Messack Point, showed me the difference we can make. The 200 acres of coastline we bought had had no public access, so we put in footpaths, and opened the coast for everyone to enjoy. But we did other things, too, such as burying overhead cables underground, and removing some unsightly 1960s agricultural buildings. This was a clear example, for me, of how our intervention can bring about permanent protection, great access, and nature conservation for our coast.

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