Walk with us this winter

The morning sunshine floods through the trees on Attingham’s Mile Walk © National Trust/Ben Harwood

The morning sunshine floods through the trees on Attingham’s Mile Walk

The starkness of winter makes this time of year perfect for getting out and exploring the great outdoors.

Walk with the wardens at Attingham Park in Shropshire each month. Starting in February, discover the grounds as they change and alter at different times of the year. And when the chill starts to kick in, join them by the bonfire to learn how the team are working to shape the natural landscape and reflect the original designs of Humphrey Repton.

Get closer to nature as you join the wardens as they feed the deer that have been part of this mansion estate for many years.

Looking for some outdoors time in Worcestershire?

Take a stroll around the parkland with Hanbury Hall’s expert outdoor volunteers as they show you the original George London features, some of which have remained almost unchanged since the early 1700s, and see how the current restoration project is bringing the rest back.

Walk it off

Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire sits high upon a hill with views out towards the surrounding countryside. Explore the wider estate and lose some Christmas pounds with the parkland rangers on their new weekly ‘walk it off’ walks.

Open in winter for the first time

Packwood House in Warwickshire, opens up for the very first time this winter. Get useful hints and tips on how to manage your gardens as the volunteer team guide you around the grounds and gardens, showing you how they've changed over the years.