See our places in a different light

Explore attics, below the stairs and rooftops this winter

Explore attics, below the stairs and rooftops this winter

The winter months are often quieter at our places and show a stark beauty as at no other time of the year.

See our houses

Journey through Attingham Park’s past in Shropshire. Head behind the scenes in the mansion and look into what the future has in store on a winter tour. On selected days, venture up onto the roof to learn about Attingham’s largest conservation project.

Venture below stairs on a tour at Lincolnshire's Belton House and gain fascinating insight into the lives of Belton’s servants in the 1900s. The rooms are starkly empty now, but the mansion guides will tell stories to fill them.

Take a seat and listen as Lady Alice reflects on her husband’s children and her experiences of Warwickshire's Charlecote Park or recapture a moment in Herefordshire's time and reflect on the lives of the servants of Croft Castle on a servants and cellar tour.

Get a sense of Hanbury Hall’s past as a cosy Worcestershire family home. Explore the rarely opened basement and attics, experience how life has changed since the Vernons’ heyday and take in the newly restored paintings on the dining-room ceiling.

See Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, as it’s slowly uncovered and cleaned for the new season. See the house in a different light and find out what the house team gets up to over winter.

Late February in Derbyshire

From 15 February, explore Hardwick from new angles, using the perspective trails around the hall and gardens. Don’t miss the newly laid matting in the High Great Chamber.

During the last week of February, the Drawing Room in Calke Abbey will be lit by candlelight. See the different shadows and reflections in the mirrors that the candles create.