Reflect in a different way

Where does the light go? © Ann Blackett

Where does the light go?

Reflecting on our special places across the Midlands, there’s a wealth of exhibitions and collections that will take you back through the years and seasons and allow you to see the changes for yourself.

Mirror mirror on the wall, how are you conserved at Gunby Hall? Learn more about the many mirrors in this cosy 18th-century house and see how the rooms have changed with a special exhibition in the basement. The wine and ice cellars are normally closed but will be open for you to take a sneak peek during the winter months.

A picture paints a thousand words at Canons Ashby. Look out for Clara Dryden’s paintings, on display throughout the house. Mostly painted in the early 20th century, find out what these can show us about 100 years of change.

Light reflections

Did you know Sir Isaac Newton made the first-ever reflecting telescope? At his birthplace and home, Woolsthorpe Manor, you can discover a vast array of reflections in the new Light Workshop providing the chance to see things differently. The ethereal atmosphere that the 17th-century farmhouse takes on in the quieter winter months offers the perfect time and place to reflect on how a Lincolnshire farmer’s son grew up to become a science great.

Happy 40th birthday

The Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall celebrates 40 years this year. Part of the celebrations includes a display of objects first collected when the museum opened together with a mini exhibition marking 100 years of the Brownies. And in the Long Gallery of the Hall, visitors can use mirrors to reflect the beguiling plasterwork of the ceiling to discover its hidden treasures.

Last days of February

From 19th February, find out more about The Workhouse founder, Rev JT Becher, through a collection of his personal items, including his chair and ink well, and learn how he helped shaped the workhouse system and the parallels with social welfare today.