Colby’s donation delight

 Association Chairman Dick Coggins (second left) plants an Acer  © National Trust

Association Chairman Dick Coggins (second left) plants an Acer

Latest update 30.01.2014 14:09

Colby Woodland Garden staff were delighted to receive a £2,000 donation from the Pembrokeshire National Trust Association recently.

They have put the money to good use without delay. A number of semi-mature acers have been purchased and are being planted to give a real boost to the garden’s autumn colours in 2014.

Thanking the Association’s Chairman Dick Coggins, Colby Woodland Garden’s Manager Steve Whitehead said, ‘It’s the ideal time for replanting these trees – propagated and grown by Jonkers Nursery in Somerset, the leaves have all dropped, so they’re fully dormant and have been lifted from their nursery beds and transported to Colby. We’re very grateful to our local members who have raised this money throughout the year in support of our work.'

Dick Coggins, Chairman of the Pembrokeshire National Trust Association, handed over the cheque and gave the gardeners a helping hand to finish the planting. He commented, ‘It’s been a real privilege to visit Colby and meet everyone. The work that they carry out is quite astounding. I’m sure that the association's members will be as pleased as I am when they visit Colby and see the results of their efforts.’