The Pamela Ward Collection at Llanerchaeron

Portrait of Pamela Ward (born in 1908) by Humphreys © Matthew Hollow

Portrait of Pamela Ward (born in 1908) by Humphreys

Latest update 05.03.2014 13:59

What do you do when you have a large collection that has no connection to the property it is held at? How do we choose what goes on display and what doesn’t?

In 1994 Miss Pamela Ward donated her collection of artefacts to the National Trust. Born in 1908, Miss Ward spent her early years in India before returning to Eastbourne. She travelled throughout Europe and finally settled in London where she opened an antiques shop.

We don’t know a great deal about Miss Ward's personal life, but we know the objects she bought were 'little things she liked'.

The collection at Llanerchaeron

The collection contains her own personal items and stock from her Kensington shop. Miss Ward had a strong eye for design and style, the 5000 objects range from jewellery to children’s games.

With such a large amount of objects it’s impossible to display them all at once. In the past Llanerchaeron staff have rotated the displays, but 2014 will see a new approach to choosing what we put out on display. 

Cabinets of curiosity

We want the public to decide what we display in the five cabinets at Llanerchaeron. Using social media, we'd like our online community to become the curators of this collection and help us build a collection that engages and explains more to visitors.

We'll be creating photo albums on Llanerchaeron’s Facebook page displaying treasures that focus on themes of discovery, colours, play, reflection and tradition. We want to know what you’d like to see included and why.

The cabinets of curiosity albums will be launched in March on our Facebook page. You'll be able to vote on your favourite items online or in person on a visit around Llanerchaeron. The winning items will be revealed at Llanerchaeron throughout year.