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Portrait of Pamela Ward (born in 1908) by Humphreys © Matthew Hollow

Portrait of Pamela Ward (born in 1908) by Humphreys

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Our teams in Wales certainly have their hands full showcasing our great collections. With many treasures hidden away in storage how do our teams decide what goes on display?

Erddig is home to the second largest collection in the National Trust, so it’s little wonder that we keep finding objects tucked away in store rooms. Similarly, Llanerchaeron in Ceredigion has an impressive collection of more than 5,000 objects.

This year we're taking a new approach on how we display these treasures at Erddig and Llanerchaeron.


The Collections Management System (CMS) project launched this year aims to photograph and document more than 15,000 objects not yet online.

Provided with expert training, a dedicated team of volunteers have been responsible for checking inventory, photographing and cataloguing objects, inputting them into the CMS and adding unique inventory marks.

‘We have enthusiastically overcome hundreds of chisels, the cold weather, equipment malfunctions, duplicate records and inventory numbers’, said Heather Vernon, Conservation and Engagement Assistant at Erddig.

Our volunteers have done a great job so far with 560 objects added to the CMS, and this project has provided fantastic opportunities for students to get involved. Using social media, they've been very successful in promoting objects or collections they’ve come across.


In 1994 Miss Pamela Ward donated her own personal items and stock from her Kensington shop to us. Miss Ward had a strong eye for design and style, her collection consists of more than 5,000 objects ranging from jewellery to children’s games.

Faced with the challenge of how to display 5,000 objects, our specialist teams came up with the novel idea of letting the public become the curators of this collection. There will be five cabinets to display Miss Ward’s collections, divided into themes of discovery, colours, play, reflection and tradition.

Albums of The Cabinets of Curiosity will be launched on our Llanerchaeron Facebook page in March 2014. The items with the highest votes will be revealed onsite at Llanerchaeron throughout the year.