Brockhampton revealed

One of Brockhampton Estate's much loved maps © National Trust

One of Brockhampton Estate's much loved maps

For over sixty-five years limited rooms of the idyllic manor house at Lower Brockhampton have been accessible to visitors. All will change from Saturday 19 July 2014 onwards as six previously unseen rooms will be open for the first time.

Brockhampton Revealed is a project that will explore the history of the property and show you how its seven hundred years of occupation have shaped the building that exists today.

How has Brockhampton changed?

Significant figures from the building's past will be introduced and their impact and contribution to Brockhampton’s history discussed and presented.

Rooms will be used to present key periods in the properties history including how the current staff office was used to house barrels of wine and beer in the 17th century.

Brockhampton through the centuries

Other rooms will highlight the property’s use as an artisan dwelling in the mid 1800s, while a vacant bedroom will symbolise the 1914 – 1918 period when young farm workers were called away to serve their country.

Other features will include a display of historic building techniques including wattle and daub.

Get hands on

You will be able to get up close to a wider range of objects and possessions during demonstrations and activities. Quill pens, uniforms, firearms, portrait paintings and the much loved estate maps dating back to 1737 and 1829 will all be revealed.

Learn more about the Brockhampton Estate and about its historic collection.