Our response to National Planning Guidance

Green Belt protected land © 164076/NT/Andrew Butler

Green Belt protected land

Latest update 06.03.2014 14:50

In response to the changes to the National Planning Practice Guidance issued this morning, Ingrid Samuel, our historic environment director said:

'We are pleased that the Government has acted on our concerns about Green Belt protection, and has altered the guidance to place greater emphasis on a brownfield first approach to development.

'Within this it is also important that local councils retain the tools they need to shape the provision of affordable housing in their communities, and the resources to provide local infrastructure. We will need to look at the detail of the guidance to make a full assessment of its impact.

'We will also be looking to ensure that National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and our historic environment are protected from over development, and that this new guidance encourages communities to make the most of new powers to protect locally important green space.'