Jason Singh and Tweet Music


Jason Singh listening to the sounds of spring at Tatton Park © National Trust / Andy Fallon

Jason Singh listening to the sounds of spring at Tatton Park


Jason Singh
Beatboxer and vocal sculptor
Manchester and Tatton Park

Following research that uncovered the fascinating fact that birdsong can make people feel calmer and boost positivity too, we got in touch with beatboxer Jason Singh and asked him to create a musical composition that celebrated the sounds of spring and encouraged our nation to get outdoors and experience nature first hand.

Why did we choose to work with Jason Singh?

Jason Singh is a leading UK beatboxer and vocal sculptor. He creates and facilitates work through the mediums of sound, music, photography, poetry and moving image. Described as a ‘creative polymath’, Jason is mainly known as a sound artist and vocal sculptor.

Jason has created all the sounds you hear on the ‘Tweet Music’ composition with his own voice. He is able to recreate the sounds of songbirds and other natural sounds after studying their sound in depth and utilising his beatboxing skills and experience to bring them to life. He is also able to take recorded vocals and then manipulate them using technology to create ambient sounds.

Jason’s spent time at one of his favourite place, Tatton Park, with a few of our top nature and wildlife experts learning about the seasonal birds and wildlife and listening to their birdsong. He also spent time recording a number of natural sounds in the outdoors for his study and time in the studio.

Tweet Music the album

The album features birds and wildlife including blackbirds, robins, woodpeckers, crows,skylarks, owls, warblers, buzzards, frogs and crickets. For more information on how to recreate the sounds, take a look at the ‘how to natural beatbox’ videos.
Download Jason’s full spring ‘tweet music’ composition here.