Constable or Notable?

In his career as a landscape painter John Constable captured, perhaps better than anyone had before, the extraordinary beauty of the Essex countryside.

His paintings of 19th century rural Essex are revered around the world, and none more so than The Haywain, a huge oil painting that depicts two men pulling a cart across the River Stour on the border between Essex and Suffolk. However, given that Constable is so famous, do you think you could pick his paintings out of a crowd? It’s time to put your art history knowledge to the test and play: Constable or Notable!

Scroll down for the answers.

    Clue 1

    Constable or Notable

    This picture was painted from the artist’s father’s kitchen window.




    Clue 2

    Constable or Notable

    In 2011, another painting by this artist sold for £6.5 million.




    Clue 3

    Constable or Notable

    The title of this painting is in Dutch.





    Clue 4

    Constable or Notable

    This artist was born in Suffolk.





    Clue 5

    Constable or Notable

    This artist once said, “I’m sick of portraits.”




    Clue 6

    Constable or Notable

    The artist said of this cathedral: “It was the most difficult subject in landscape I ever had upon my easel.”




    How did you do?

    1. John Constable, Golding Constable’s Kitchen Garden, 1815
    2. Thomas Gainsborough, River Landscape, 1768 – 1770
    3. J.M.W. Turner, Leuchtraketen bei hohem Seegang (Rockets and Blue Lights (Close at Hand)), 1840
    4. John Constable, sketch of Hadleigh Castle, 1828 – 1829
    5. Thomas Gainsborough, Heneage Lloyd and His Sister, 1750
    6. John Constable, Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Grounds, 1823