New tourism partnership and investment at Florence

Heather Thompson and Jim Chestnutt welcome Prince Charles to Florence Court © National Trust / Harrison Photography

Heather Thompson and Jim Chestnutt welcome Prince Charles to Florence Court

Latest update 09.04.2014 16:29

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the National Trust’s Florence Court in County Fermanagh today.

During the visit the Prince heard about a new partnership between the National Trust and Forest Service which will result in new visitor facilities and a significantly improved visitor experience at Florence Court.

Jim Chestnutt, General Manager for the National Trust in Fermanagh said; ‘It was a wonderful opportunity to show the Prince and the Duchess our exciting new plans to further enhance the tourism potential at Florence Court.

‘Our new partnership with Forest Service will see an investment of £225,000 in new visitor facilities here at Florence Court while also connecting this special place to more than 1,300 hectares of forest park and more than 15km of trails.

‘As a result we expect to welcome many more visitors to Florence Court and Fermanagh in 2015, offering them an even better experience while they are here. This in turn will deliver a range of significant benefits to the local community and the growing tourism economy here in Fermanagh.’

Malcolm Beatty, Chief Executive of the Forest Service said: ‘I am pleased that funding from the Executive’s Economy and Jobs Initiative has allowed us to develop a soundly based partnership with the National Trust to deliver improved facilities and promote the further development of recreation and tourism within Florence Court Forest Park.’

It is expected that the plans for new facilities at Florence Court will be completed in 2015.

The Prince of Wales, who is President of the National Trust, and the Duchess of Cornwall also took the opportunity to meet a range of local volunteers, who play a critical role in looking after Florence Court. One of the key projects at Florence Court includes a long term plan to restore the kitchen garden to its 1930s glory. Guests also included National Trust supporters and key tourism partners from Co. Fermanagh.

Florence Court recently achieved a 4 star Visitor Attraction grading award from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board further enhancing the property's appeal as a destination of choice for both the tourist and local visitor.