'Uncovered' at Dunham Massey

Medics treating a wounded solider in a temporary field hospital in Iraq © National Trust

Medics treating a wounded solider in a temporary field hospital in Iraq

Latest update 06.06.2014 11:56

We are continuing our commemoration marking the centenary of the First World War with ‘Uncovered’: a three day literary event at Dunham Massey from 7 - 9 June, which explores the themes and the legacy of the conflict in a national context.

Earlier this year Dunham Massey was transformed back into the Stamford Military Hospital – a role it played from 1917 – 1919. For the next two seasons Dunham Massey tells the stories of some of the 282 ‘Tommies’ who received treatment from their injuries within its walls, the staff who nursed them and the Stamford family who owned and lived at Dunham throughout the conflict.

Uncovered has invited renowned authors, journalists and some of our specialists to speak on the wider impact of the First World War on both the nation and our heritage, and the changes to society that resulted from the conflict. Subjects include nursing and medical advances, espionage, the role of women in wartime, the cultural impact of war and the war poets and artists. The audience will have the opportunity to talk to speakers at the end of each event.

21st century military medics

Part of the event will include a state of the art military medical tent, complete with equipment which is used to treat wounded soldiers on the 21st century battlefield.

'We wanted to show how wounded soldiers in today's conflicts, such as that in Afghanistan, are treated compared to their counterparts in the trenches a century ago,' said Katie Taylor, Dunham's House and Collections Manager.

The medical display is being provided by the Blaythorne Group. Rupert Granville, Blaythorne's Business Enterprise Manager explained: 'Blaythorne Group are delighted to be able to help provide a modern counterpoint to the National Trust's incredible collection of medical equipment and care for front line soldiers.

'Visitors to Dunham Massey will be able to talk to our personnel who have all served in the military in a wide range of contemporary conflicts. They have all benefited from the extraordinary medical care available on the modern battlefield either as casualties themselves, as medical staff or as commanders involved in the planning and conduct of military and humanitarian operations. On display will be a range of some of the equipment that is available to British soldiers at the point of injury and throughout the medical evacuation process to Camp Bastion.'

Guest speakers

Each day will have a specific theme: these are the war’s impact on medicine, on culture and its legacy.

Guest speakers include Kate Adie, OBE. The former BBC chief war correspondent will talk on her book and TV Series, On the Home Front, on how the war impacted on women and their role in society. Brian Morgan MB, FRCS, is a retired consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is also Honorary Archivist of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and will be speaking on the early years of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Gill Bennett MA, OBE, FrHistS is a former chief historian of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and expert on British foreign policy. Her talk will focus on the use of espionage in during the First World War, whilst Ivan Day – Britain’s foremost authority on historic food and advisor to numerous films and TV series - will speak on the subject of the wartime diet.

On the evening of 8 June, Royal Shakespeare Company actors Julian Glover and his wife Isla Blair will present an evening of First World War inspired poetry and prose.

Read full details of the Uncovered schedule here