Our HS2 petition goes to Parliament

A view of the lake at Hartwell House from where HS2 is due to be built © National Trust

A view of the lake at Hartwell House from where HS2 is due to be built

Latest update 23.05.2014 11:41

We’ve taken the fight to secure our places affected by the High Speed 2 rail line to Parliament. The phase one plans for the HS2 rail line set out in a hybrid Bill include the compulsory acquisition of an area of garden at Hartwell House.

The current Bill does not meet the standards we believe are needed and a formal document outlining our grievances, along with our suggested remedies, was submitted this week.

What we're proposing

The main request within our petition is for a land bridge to be built where the railway passes Hartwell House, as the Bill currently authorises the compulsory acquisition of an area of the Gardens in the north eastern corner of the Hartwell Estate.

We feel our ‘landscape-led’ proposals for Hartwell House would offset significant harm produced by noise and visual impact, protect residential amenity, enhance biodiversity connections, significantly reduce the amount of parkland walling to be demolished and remove the need for an intrusive foot overbridge.

Within the petition we also seek changes to the road layout near Waddesdon Manor, as appropriate treatment of the A41 is crucial to the setting of the Manor and Waddesdon village.

We also support the principle of a fully bored tunnel for the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This would provide significant additional protection for this nationally protected landscape and could benefit the views from Coombe Hill which we care for.

How will the petition work? 

This ‘petition’ is a legal document that forms the basis of what can be discussed if we are invited to appear before the HS2 Select Committee.

This process is unique to hybrid Bills and ensures that anyone ‘directly or specially affected’ by the operation and/or construction of HS2 has the opportunity to seek changes to it. Hybrid Bills mix the characteristics of Public and Private Bills and are often used for works of national importance located in a specific area of the UK such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link or Crossrail.

Read the full petition here.

We are now working to build up our evidence base for an appearance at the Select Committee while HS2 Ltd now has the job of negotiating with us to address as many of our concerns as they can possibly can in the hope that we might withdraw our petition.

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