The weird and the wonderful world of 50 things

Take a tranquil trip down the river  © National Trust/Derek Wilbraham

Take a tranquil trip down the river

There are many 50 things activities that you can complete across the majority of National Trust places, such as make a grass trumpet, create some wild art or make a daisy chain, but did you know you can check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool in the heart of the Midlands?

If you are looking for somewhere to complete those last few elusive activities, we might just have the answer for you.

Fancy a trip down the river?

You can do just that this half term at Attingham Park in Shropshire (29 May) and Croome (24-26 and 31 May) in Worcestershire. See these properties from a whole new angle and tick off number 50.

Inland rock-pooling

Like us, you might normally associate rock pools with the seaside, however, if you head over to The Weir in Herefordshire, they will be more than happy to show you where you can check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool and complete number 37 of your challenges.

Into the darkside

And for those wanting to delve a little deeper, the Dark Peak area of the Peak District in Derbyshire is perfect for completing number 29: explore a cave. There are tiny caves that entice the brave to large spacious ones for everyone to explore.

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