Meet our tour guides

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Interested to hear more about our line up of fantastic tour guides? Then look no further...we've put together a fantastic line up for our Roadmaster road trips.

Throughout our Routemaster road trips, we've chosen some of London’s well-known and distinguished personalities to guide each tour. Our chosen guides can not only provide us with fascinating knowledge of the characters and cultures of each area, but each also have a diverse area of interest and expertise themselves.

Tanya Gold

Tanya Gold is a highly successful British journalist who has written for newspapers including The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times and the Evening Standard. In 2009 she was highly commended in the Feature Writer of the Year category at the British Press Awards. In 2010 she won Feature Writer of the Year at the British Press Awards and was also nominated for Columnist of the Year.

Often writing from a very open and personal perspective, her articles include personal accounts exploring her recovery from alcoholism and her struggle with giving up smoking. She also conducted an undercover investigation into the television series Big Brother. 

Stephen Bayley

Stephen Paul Bayley is a man of many talents, conquering as a design critic, cultural critic, journalist and author. In the 1970s, he was a lecturer in History of Art at the University of Kent, but first became prominent in the 1980s as an authority on style and design when Sir Terence Conran chose him to head up the Boilerhouse Project at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This was Britain's first permanent exhibition of design and it was host to more than 20 exhibitions in five years. He then went on to become Chief Executive of the Design Museum in London which grew out of the Boilerhouse Project.

In 1989 he was made a Chevalier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France's top artistic honour, by the French Minister of Culture and in 2007 became The Observer's architecture and design correspondent, often causing controversy in his use of language in order to point out the 'cruddiness' that has become British culture and British disregard for beauty.

Dan Cruickshank

Dan Cruickshank is an art historian and BBC television presenter with a special interest in the history of architecture. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Artists, a member of the Executive Committee of the Georgian Group, on the Architectural Panel of the National Trust and is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA.

He has served as Historic Buildings Consultant for ADAM Architecture since 1999 and has been involved in the repair and restoration of many historical buildings including Spencer House in St James’s, Heveningham Hall in Suffolk and numerous early 18th century houses in London.

He has had an affluent career working as a BBC presenter presenting countless documentaries and series, including 'Under Fire' visiting museums and buildings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel to see how recent warfare has affected the country's historic artefacts.

Peter York

Peter York is a management consultant, author and broadcaster most famous for co-authoring Harpers & Queen's The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook with Ann Barr. He is also a columnist for The Independent on Sunday, GQ and Management Today, and an associate of the media, analysis and networking organisation, Editorial Intelligence.

He has made his most high-profile offerings from writing the Sloane Ranger Handbook and being Style Editor of Harpers & Queen for 10 years, as well as financing The Modern Review.

He published a series of essays in social and cultural observation in the magazine Harpers & Queen during the late 1970s. Written in the style of Wolfe's new journalism, these were collected in the book Style Wars (1980). Following the enormous success of The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook (1982), itself an extension of such social observation, Peter became a sought-after media commentator on English social trends and traits.