Autumn colour walks in the Midlands

This autumn we’re inviting you to take a walk through incredible landscapes.

Green pastures, red berries, pink fungi, burnt orange leaves and the slate grey and warm red brick of the places we care for all await you in this season of ever changing colours.

    Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

    The woodland ground is covered in red leaves at this time of year. En route you can discover the 18th century deer shelter and Calke’s very own National Nature Reserve, often home to the red fungi fly agaric. As you end the walk in the deer enclosure listen out for the calls of the rutting stags and see how many red deer you can spot.

    Carding Mill Valley, Shropshire

    The light on the Shropshire Hills will really catch your eye, as the autumn nights draw in, the non-polluted skies appear dark blue. The water in the stream and the waterfall really shine, and the heather has a blue tinge. Keep an eye out for the two pairs of nesting merlins that bring their slaty-blue colours to the moors.

    Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire

    From the formal gardens you can walk down to the ice house along Cedar Walk and look inside the dark and hidden gem that is a 300 year old cedar tree. Continuing through the parkland will you see the rare black poplars and the monument of Pulpit, one of the Vernon family horses?

    Longshaw Estate, Peak District

    It’s all about the mud and mushrooms in the Peak District. As you follow the painted signs, can you see how many different types of fungi you can spot? Wax caps, fly agaric and amethyst deceiver are just a few of the plentiful and rare fungi that grow in this area

    Brockhampton Estate, Herefordshire

    The oak walk takes you through green open parkland taking in stunning views and ancient woodlands on route. As you set off you will see a wealth of sights from veteran trees to the 18th century manor house, the Lawn Pool to a number of sculptures made from local materials.

    Attingham Park, Shropshire

    The early evening autumn light gives everything a warming golden hue as you walk through the deer park and woodland at Attingham Park. You can enjoy views over the river and soak up this peaceful time of year as you watch the fallow deer.

    Gunby Hall and Gardens, Lincolnshire

    Explore the wider estate with a visit to the recently renovated ice pond, a perfectly still place to capture autumn in reflections. As the leaves turn a warming copper colour and start to fall, you can catch a glimpse of the hall from a completely different angle.

    Croft Castle, Herefordshire

    The short ancient tree walk at Croft takes you to the spectacular orange scene of the 450 year old Spanish chestnut avenue which is said to be planted in the formation of the Spanish armada. You will also come across the Quarry Oak which has been standing proud for around 1,000 years.