Octavia Hill Award winner 2012: Roger Parkinson

Roger Parkinson - winner of the Natural Hero Octavia Hill award © Steve Morgan

Roger Parkinson - winner of the Natural Hero Octavia Hill award

We asked winner of last year's Natural Hero category, what winning meant to him:

'I am passionate about improving British Native habitat, particularly trees, hedgerow and woodlands and my hobby has become a large part of my life. 

'I enjoy all aspects of my voluntary work, planning projects, seeking funding, getting organisations and people together, the ultimate is the planting of the trees and talking with others to encourage them with their projects. I get great satisfaction from all of this and when projects are successfully completed I feel I have created something that will go on to benefit people and wildlife for many years to come.

'The real icing on the cake was when I found out I had been nominated by The Woodland Trust for the National Trust's Octavia Hill Award.

'It was a nervous wait for the judging round to be completed, then the online voting.

'Then several months after first learning of the nomination I received the amazing news that I had won the Natural Hero category for improving community green spaces.  

'I originally started doing the things I do because I was concerned about the future state of British wildlife for my children and grandchildren. That is still high on my agenda but this interest has blossomed into wonderful experiences like the Octavia Hill Award which has opened new doors, helping me to make further progress improving public open spaces.

'It has raised my confidence knowing that so many people feel the way I do and given an inspiring seal of approval for my efforts.

'Thank you National Trust and to my nominator for this positive and uplifting experience.'