HS2 timeline

Great Pond towards Hardwick Hall on the left and the Old Hall on the right © 184841/NT images/Robert Morris

Great Pond towards Hardwick Hall on the left and the Old Hall on the right

May 2015: The preferred route for Phase 2 is expected to be announced
Once we have a firmer idea about where the exactly the train line will be built, and how this will be done, we can start assessing the impact it will have on our places with more confidence. We will carefully review the plans HS2 Ltd publish and see if there are any areas where we think there are alternative solutions which may offer further benefits from those HS2 Ltd have proposed. We will be looking for the most effective way to mitigate against the disruption of the line to ensure our places can continue to be enjoyed.

Summer 2015: HS2 Bill Select Committee will visit Buckinghamshire
The members of the Select Committee are visiting areas that will be impacted by HS2 before they hear evidence from people and organisations at Westminster. For us this will be a chance to show the ministers where and how our places will be affected by HS2.

Summer 2015: National Trust appear at the Select Committee to argue for changes for our places affected by Phase 1
This is our chance to explain to the Select Committee the changes we would like to be made to the proposals for HS2 where our places are affected. These might include proposals for how the railway should look, how construction is carried out or any additional mitigation we think is needed to minimise the impacts of the railway on places and people. It will be up to the Select Committee to decide if they agree with our ideas or not and whether they will include any of them in the final plans for HS2’s construction and operation.

September 2015: The Environmental Statement Consultations for Phase 2 will be launched
Draft and full environmental impact assessments for Phase 1 were consulted upon in 2013. The consultation for Phase 2 will allow people and organisations who will be effected by HS2 Phase 2 to formally outline their concerns.

Winter 2015/16: The Bill for Phase 2 will be read in Parliament
The Readings of the Bill in Parliament is the process through which the Bill is first presented to parliament and then debated by it. If the Second reading of the Bill is agreed to then the principal of Phase 2 has been agreed and the Bill will be referred to a specially appointed Select Committee who will listen to the objections and suggested amendments of those who will be affected by it.

April - December 2016: Petitioning by people and organisations affected by Phase 2
People and organisations who are affected by Phase 2 of HS2 will have the opportunity to submit their grievances and suggested remedies for consideration by the Select Committee. At the same time negotiations should take place with HS2 Ltd about any changes to the route, construction or mitigation. Anyone who submits a petition and is unable to resolve the issues with HS2 Ltd themselves will have an opportunity to present to the Select Committee.

December 2016: Royal Assent is expected for Phase 1
Royal Assent is the final stage in a Bill becoming law. When Phase 1 receives Royal Assent it will contain the specification and limitations for the construction of the railway based on the outcome of the petitioning to the Select Committee.

June 2017: Construction of Phase 1 will begin
Having received Royal Assent, construction of Phase 1 of HS2 will begin with an aim of opening in 2026.

December 2017: Royal Assent is expected for Phase 2
This will make Phase 2 of HS2 law as well and will allow construction to begin on this section of the railway as well. Phase 2 construction is scheduled to be completed by 2033 at which point the line would become fully operational.