Gareth Wiltshire, Visitor Experience Manager

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Gareth Wiltshire, Visitor Experience Manager tells us about his local routes in Kent and his connection to the White Cliffs of Dover appeal.

'As someone who was born in Dover, I have a natural connection to the cliffs; they are a symbol of the town and the area. During the appeal I have been delighted to see so many other people respond to them in the same way, although personal to me they seem to have a shared national identity that everyone can identify with.

Many people have helped with our campaign, local people, overseas visitors and people, who having never been here are still aware of how important this piece on our island is, to us now and for future generations.

I was touched by a donation that I took in person from a lady who had been here in the war, she has never been back but she felt that she had to help the appeal as the cliffs represented a defining moment in her life and now she wanted to protect them for others to enjoy'.