Dame Fiona Reynolds thank you message

Director General Fiona Reynolds walking with Simon Ovenden © Naomi Silverton

Director General Fiona Reynolds walking with Simon Ovenden

Dame Fiona Reynolds expresses her delight and thanks to our supporters for helping us safeguard the White Cliffs of Dover.

'It is humbling and inspiring to think that in the present economic circumstances more than sixteen thousand people chose to contribute 1.2m to save the White Cliffs for all of us, now and in the future, to enjoy.

We are a nation in love with our coast. When the national trust ran a survey in 2010, two-thirds of people felt coast was important to their quality of life. Fresh air, exercise, peace and freedom all featured as reasons. Half found their happiest childhood memories at the seaside. A third of us day-dream about the coast while we go about our normal lives. The coast matters to us as a place of escape and a place where memories are made.

That is why the White Cliffs appeal mattered. It is a coincidence that we have such a magnificent and unspoilt coastline in the UK. It is because over the years, thousands if not millions of people have helped organisations like the National Trust put in place protections that have kept much of our coastline free of the development that blights others. The National Trust itself looks after 708-miles of coastline, all of it for people to access freely and to enjoy. Our appeal was about establishing the same for the White Cliffs.

The White Cliffs are our most iconic piece of coastline. They are a place for people to walk and for nature to thrive. Thet stand tall in the most significant moments of our history. Nothing symbolises island nation as much as the White Cliffs. Now, thanks to the thousands who gave their support, they will stand proud for ever, for everyone'.