HS 2 - Frequently asked questions

Train wheel © National Trust

Train wheel

What is the Trust's policy/position on transport?
We don’t have an official position on transport. We exist to protect special places for ever, for everyone. As a charity, we just don’t have the resources which would be required to research and inform an overall, national approach to transport infrastructure. We do, however, respond to individual infrastructure proposals on the basis of their impacts on our places.

What is the Trust's take on rail infrastructure / green transport options?
While we don’t have an official transport policy, it seems preferable that investment is put into rail infrastructure as potentially the greenest form of transport. This needs to be weighed against any impacts of infrastructure development.

The NT stood up for ordinary green spaces during its planning campaign – why aren’t you campaigning against HS2 on the same basis?
Protecting special places for ever, for everyone, is at the heart of our purpose, which is why we took a stand over the Government’s reforms to the planning system, which put economic growth ahead of social and environmental needs, as they put places at risk of development. We are not, however, anti-development, understanding that it can be done well, delivering benefits to people and places, as well as driving economic growth.

Compensation advice?
We've appointed Knight Frank as our compensation agent.