Red squirrel walks on Brownsea Island this autumn

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As autumn approaches, head to Brownsea Island for the best chance to spot rare red squirrels.

Celebrate 50 years of the National Trust on Brownsea Island with our outdoor festival season. Join our guided walks and see how many rare red squirrels you can spot. At this time of year the weather gets cooler and the squirrels come down from the trees. They can be seen on the lower branches and down on the ground, looking for food.

Guide to spotting red squirrels:

  • Try to stay quiet as they are very shy
  • Look for stripped pine cones as evidence of where they have been
  • Stay close to beech and sweet chestnut trees
  • Look up in the branches where they play
  • Listen for rustling leaves and chattering sounds
  • Stop still as soon as you see one

Squirrel facts:

  • They survive on acorns, hazelnuts and the seeds inside pine cones.
  • Their homes are called dreys, built in deciduous trees and conifers.
  • They produce two litters a year and there are between 200 and 250 on Brownsea Island.

Come along to our special red squirrel walks:

Monday 23 September - Friday 25 October, 11.30am and 2pm

Join our guides as they guide you to the best places to see red squirrels and find out much more about them.

Children's squirrel walks:

Saturday 26October - Sunday 3 November, 11.30am and 2pm

Celebrate 50 years of the National Trust on Brownsea Island with our outdoor festival season and join our special children's walk. On this guided adventure you will find out how to spot red squirrels, learn how they bury their food and see if you can remember where you put your secret supply of chestnuts. How many rare red squirrels will you spot?

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