Brecon Beacons appeal

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Imagine Brecon without the Beacons – they are more fragile than you think…

The Brecon Beacons is a wonderful place to walk, with some outstanding views. It’s no wonder around five million people visit the uplands of the Beacons every year.
But where there are no stable, long-lasting footpaths in place, erosion is becoming an increasing worry. With no secure surface to walk on, walkers are often forced to veer off the paths – making them grow wider and wider, and causing damage to the surrounding landscape and vegetation. And the longer we leave this problem, the more the damage will grow, as will the cost of repairs.

Additional pressures

Heavy rainfall is making the situation even worse. In recent years, the Brecon Beacons has also suffered extreme winter weather which has caused further problems. When the rain is heavy, damaged and unstable footpaths quickly become channels for water barrelling down from the mountaintops. In the worst cases, this can cause major landslides, uprooting vegetation, washing away fragile habitats and creating dramatic scars in the landscape.

Could you help us stop the destruction – by restoring just one step of footpath?

The solution can be simple. By resurfacing and stabilising our footpaths, we can keep the Brecon Beacons intact for generations to come. But we need to act now – before further damage is done.

The stone-pitching techniques we use today are similar to those that the Romans used – we hope people will still be walking on these paths in 2,000 years’ time.

The time to act is now

Your gift will go a long way:

 £15 will help us restore and resurface a quarter of a metre of footpath
 £30 will help us restore and resurface half a metre of footpath
 £60 will help us restore and resurface a whole metre of footpath

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