Hand-painted murals at Chedworth Roman Villa

Hand-painted Roman-style murals at Chedworth Roman Villa © Chris Fothergill

Hand-painted Roman-style murals at Chedworth Roman Villa

We wanted to make the Salway Learning Room an exciting place for visiting schools to learn about the Roman way of life. So we commissioned Chris Fothergill, local artist and illustrator, to hand paint beautiful murals on the wall.

These murals are in the style of the original Roman wall paintings found. They depict three scenes that link to the rest of the site. There are differing types of border that surround the panels, all of which were inspired by Roman art.

The first panel
A hunter returns to the villa with his catch. This is inspired by a stone carving that can be seen in the Victorian museum on site.

The second panel
A Chi-rho, a Christian symbol found at Chedworth Roman Villa, can be seen here. This is one of the earliest cruciform symbols used by Christians. It's formed by superimposing the first two letters of the word 'Christ' in Greek, chi (ch) and rho (r).

The third panel
This is a painting of the villa as it may have looked circa AD360.

Fancy flooring
The floor of the learning room is decorated with a digital ‘eye-mat’ photograph of the mosaics found in the villa’s Triclinium (dining room).

At weekends, the room will be used as an overflow for the café so that more people can relax in the space, while enjoying tea and cake.

Chris Fothergill’s blog
To read more about the processes Chris worked through when planning, designing and painting the murals, you can visit his blog.

To discover more about the murals or about using the Salway Room, please call us on 01242 890 256, or email us.