Returning the historic collection at Owletts

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As part of major restoration work at Owletts, the precious and historic collection was packed and carefully stored off-site. As the project ended, the final task was to return the historic items to their rightful places within the repaired and redecorated house.

Examining and cleaning the objects
It took professional movers a whole week to carry in the 900 objects and 1,400 books. Once in the house, each individually wrapped item had to be unpacked, examined and cleaned - ready to return to its place in the house.

Objects that had been retuned were examined for damage and unwanted pests, then cleaned using specialist cleaning materials to ensure there was no damage. This took two weeks with up to six people working daily to care for the items in the collection.

Every item tells a tale
Items within the house vary enormously from rare tapestries to ceramics, pictures to furniture - each telling a different aspect of the story of the house and its family.

The book collection was particularly challenging; each precious book had to be cleaned and then meticulously replaced in its location, as if it had never been removed.

With the work done, the rooms have been returned to their former glory.