The meaning of birdsong

A robin

A robin


Birdsong is perhaps the most powerful, accessible and influential expression of the natural world.

It has inspired myriad poems and pieces of music and continues to do so. It is used by canny film and television producers to create mood and sense of place.

In an article for the National Trust magazine we hope to explore the meaning of birdsong and we’re looking for your help. We’re looking for all kinds of stories, anecdotes, memories and thoughts relating to birdsong, but in particular, looking to answer the following questions.

  • How does birdsong make you feel?
  • Does hearing birdsong link you to a particular place or memory?
  • What is your favourite or least favourite birdsong and why?

We can’t guarantee that all stories will be used but they will all be valuable to get a flavour of how birdsong makes us feel.

Contact our press office and mark all correspondence ‘birdsong.’ Alternatively write to:

Peter Brash
National Trust
Kemble Drive

Please limit correspondence to no more than 400 words.

International Dawn Chorus Day is the 1st May 2012.