Places in Birmingham and the West Midlands

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Situated in the heart of England, our places in Birmingham and the West Midlands are easily accessible for all and both tell their own fascinating stories of their place in history.

Birmingham Back to Backs

Found within the city itself you will find Birmingham Back to Backs, quite simply a collection of houses literally built back to back around a communal courtyard.

Moving from 1840s right through to 1970s, you will learn all about the former residents and their lives and how they helped to form Birmingham as the extraordinary city that it is today.

Wightwick Manor and Garden

In contrast, yet also in the West Midlands, is Wightwick Manor and Garden, a vision of Oscar Wilde's lecture on the 'House Beautiful'.

Full of fascinating artifacts and collections from artists including Rossetti, Burne-Jones and sumptuous interiors created by William Morris, a true collection of some of the finest Pre-Raphaelite artists.

Make sure you visit to Wightwick Manor also includes a trip to the gardens, where you will find a very unique, award winning Carribean community herb garden and an Edwardian kitchen garden which supplies Wightwick's tea-room with fabulous fresh ingredients.