Paul, a building surveyor

Surveyor Paul on the roof at Hardwick Hall © David Levenson

Surveyor Paul on the roof at Hardwick Hall

It's the sheer variety of buildings we care for that I find so fascinating.

There's simply nowhere else that offers me the chance to deal with a portfolio of properties that includes mansions, castles and abbeys alongside vernacular farm cottages, pubs and barns.

In a day and age where speed and cost are normally paramount, knowing that the quality and attention to detail of our building works isn't compromised is immensely satisfying.

I also think it's a great step forward that today a lot of our building works are carried out in full view of the public. Allowing people to see the quality of our work and how we employ traditional craft skills has really meant people look at the Trust with fresh eyes.

Of course, there are always difficult choices to make on which projects we can go ahead with this year, but knowing that each of the building works I'm involved in is helping to safeguard the future of such unique properties, counts for a lot.