In memory

At Wembury Point there are views over the whole of Wembury Bay © David Noton

At Wembury Point there are views over the whole of Wembury Bay

Our places mean so much to so many people and supporting us can be a wonderful way to remember friends and family. Giving in memory is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one by donating to something that was really special to them.

There are several ways to do this:

Collections at funerals
If you would like to support us through a collection at a funeral or memorial service, many funeral directors will be able to arrange this for you and forward the donations to us. You can even specify a place or area of our work that has particular significance. Alternatively, you can arrange the collection yourself.

Please send donations by cheque made payable to 'National Trust' (we strongly advise against sending cash through the post) to:

In Memoriam Donations - Fundraising Department
National Trust
Kemble Drive
Swindon SN2 2NA

Please also be sure to include the postal details of the next of kin so that we can write and thank them. If you would like to make a donation to a particular property or appeal, just let us know in your letter and we will ensure that the donation goes where you want it to.

Donating towards something specific
You might have in mind a donation towards a project or something specific like a stile, a bee hive or an orchard. Or a special place or activity. Perhaps your loved one was fond of spending time in a particular garden and you might choose a donation towards some bulbs or plants. Or perhaps they enjoyed walking on the coast and a donation towards the coastal footpath would commemorate them.

Do give us a call to discuss your wishes; please either contact the property directly or the national coordinator on 01793 818569 or email Victoria Lovell.

In the past benches have been a very popular way of remembering a loved one and unfortunately opportunities to donate towards new or replacement ones are very limited. If we cannot find you a spot for a bench we can provide you with alternatives such as footpath restoration, a stile or a tree that might be of interest to you. As a conservation charity, we ask that you consider donating to support our core work which is vital to the care of our special places.

Marking your donation
A Memorial Book will record your dedication to your loved one and include your personal message. A Memorial book is held at most of our properties, but might be at the nearest built property if a coast or countryside location. 

We aim to keep the spirit and natural beauty of our countryside places and gardens and can no longer agree to plaques or inscriptions on countryside furniture, stiles etc. We hope you will understand our approach to help the natural environment stay as special and free from intrusion as possible.

Creating a tribute fund
If you would like to raise funds in memory of a loved one, you can do so online by creating a tribute page on JustGiving. Family and friends can share memories and raise funds towards a special project. You can also set up a collection without using the internet, using our donation form.

For more information or to find a project please call 01793 818569 or email Victoria Lovell or speak to a particular property directly.

Download our donation form
You can download our In Memory Donation form to send in with your donation. 

Please note that Gift Aid can only be claimed if the In Memoriam donation is from an individual and not from a group donation (such as from a fundraising event or funeral collection). For us to be able to claim gift aid, each individual donation would need to be accompanied by a separate gift aid declaration form

Thank You
Giving in memory is such a personal and special way of remembering a loved one.  Family and friends can continue to visit and enjoy a favourite place, knowing they have helped look after it in memory of their loved one. Without support like this we would not be able to do so much of our work; caring for amazing countryside, coastline and historic buildings for the nation.

Data protection
Please note that in contacting us we may record your personal information on the internal Fundraising Database. This is to be used only within the Trust for fundraising purposes. It will not be shared with any outside organisations and will not be used for any other purposes.