London and West Middlesex NTV

Our special white marble 'blue plaque' designed by Voysey © NT Carlyle's House

Our special white marble 'blue plaque' designed by Voysey

We currently have about 200 members from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups with a variety of skills. Our work parties vary in size between 5 and 20 people, and in a year our group alone completes over 5,000 hours of voluntary work for the National Trust.

We perform a variety of tasks to help the National Trust on just about every weekend through the year.

Most of these are for the whole weekend, staying at National Trust Basecamps. We also have day tasks (usually on a Sunday), and occasional weeks (summer and New Year). We go to places around London and in many counties throughout England and Wales.

These weekends are enjoyable, and are the chance to make new friends. The group has been the start of many good friendships, and even families. We also have a great social side and do many things apart from working.

No skills are required: just enthusiasm, old clothes, strong gloves, tough boots/shoes (preferably with steel toe caps), waterproofs and a sense of humour.

The cost of a weekend (usually £8) covers two cooked breakfasts (including cereal and toast), two packed lunches, tea break snacks and an evening meal on Saturday night.

We normally manage to arrange travel to events so that members share lifts and costs, making it economical to reach beautiful places whether you are a car driver or a passenger.

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