Castle Drogo polishes up its eco credentials

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At Castle Drogo we try to be as green as possible. Our initiatives are all about awareness, using environmentally-friendly resources and looking at possibilities for the future.

Heating the way with the first biomass boiler

In 2009, Castle Drogo took the lead - within the National Trust - as the first large mansion property to install a biomass boiler, providing heat for both the Castle and visitor centre.

Redeveloping the visitor centre with eco initiatives

The visitor centre was redeveloped at the same time. It was built with a number of innovative, environmentally-friendly products within its design, such as insulation made from old newspapers and flooring material made from recycled glass.

Composting comparisons

As our composting champions, the garden team use five different ways of composting. Rainwater (which we get lots of here) is used for the greenhouse and nursery area. Wood prunings are turned into chip, which is then used for the garden. We use minimal pesticides and are moving towards only using organic fertilisers.

Eco-friendly castle cleaning

The house team hardly uses any chemicals, not even for eradicating insects. Cleaning products are eco-friendly and used sparingly. Keeping light-levels as low as possible is not only important to avoid the damaging effects of light on the collection, it also has a positive effect on our energy consumption.

Even more sustainability

Our long-term aim is to make Castle Drogo the first National Trust place to get all its heat and power from truly sustainable sources. In the next step towards this goal, we're planning to re-instate the original turbine house which will utilise hydro-electric technology to provide electricity for the whole estate.