Friends of Watlington Hill

View of Watlington Hill in Oxfordshire © Matthew Oates (NT)

View of Watlington Hill in Oxfordshire

The Friends of Watlington Hill was formed in 1989 at the request of Lord Esher whose family gave Watlington Hill to the National Trust.

Almost all of our tasks take place on Watlington Hill which encompasses chalk downland, scrub and a rare yew wood.

Activities on Watlington Hill range from path clearing and revetment to scrub clearance and burning and cleaning the unusual folly of the White Mark which was cut into the chalk by Edward Horner in 1764.

Anyone reasonably active is welcome and, as we have no subscription, volunteers are free to make as much commitment as they want.

We usually meet about once a month either on a Saturday or a Sunday. We bring any tools required and refreshments, so all the volunteers need to consider is a packed lunch if they are staying all day and appropriate clothing and footwear.

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