Getting your class to Knole for less

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Most schools come to Knole by coach but finding a reasonably-priced service can be a struggle. Here are our suggestions to make your visit more affordable.

Shop around
When we've needed to book a coach ourselves, we've found that one of the most highly recommended (by many teachers) and cheapest is Bigfield's Coaches of Tonbridge.

If you have trouble affording the coach fare, there are three options:

1. Free coach trip
If you're a school near Sevenoaks, you can apply for a free coach trip. Bigfield's Coaches has been kind enough to offer a free trip every year to a local school unable to afford the cost of the coach.

The nature of this gift means that a wait may be involved. If you can plan ahead, please email us explaining your situation and why you would like to apply for the trip.

2. By car
We can often accommodate several cars instead of a coach. If you would like to arrive this way – if parents can bring children, for example – ring us on 01732 467155 to arrange a suitable date.

3. We visit you
Alternatively, try our 'Knole in your classroom' service. We come to visit you, so you only pay for the activities and our travel expenses. We can demonstrate Tudor replica costumes if we visit you at your school. The children's costumes are presented as a fashion show, looking carefully at the detail of the costumes and the purpose of each feature. For example, why do the shoulders stick out just a little bit too far? And why are so many of the richest costumes black?

If we visit you, we can also bring some of our Tudor artefacts to complement the costumes. Our visit can include looking at some of Knole's portraits to see what can be learnt about the sitters from their clothes.