Traditional orchards

Our orchards are central to many rural lifestyles © Lucy Harries

Our orchards are central to many rural lifestyles

A project to conserve and restore Traditional Orchards in England, helping over 35 of our places, and 23 others, all started with a grant from Natural England.

Through donations, legacies and Charitable Trust funding, we were able to match a grant of £268,000 from Natural England, giving the project a total of £536,000. This uplifting project, which began in October 2008 and ran until March 2011, was managed by us on behalf of the UK Traditional Orchards Habitat Action Group.

The project aimed to improve the condition and increase the extent of Traditional Orchards in England using practical management activities such as surveys, creation and through restoration. Other achievements included improving knowledge through skills training workshops as well as raising awareness of the value of Traditional Orchards.

Grants are an invaluable source of income for us, and often make all the difference to our conservation work by enabling fantastic projects such as this one achieve magnificent results for people and their heritage.This project has helped us manage these special places into the future - as valuable to the biodiversity that lives off the orchards to the people who use them.