A short history of The Vyne

Grand entrance to the Tudor house at The Vyne © Geoff Smith

Grand entrance to the Tudor house at The Vyne

The Vyne in Hampshire has been home to lords and ladies for 500 years. Over the years it's been visited by nobility and political giants and loved by architects.

The house is nestled by the Shir brook in Sherborne St John, which is now a wonderfully serene lake. Surrounded by lush pastures, woodlands, wetlands and manicured gardens, successively the Sandys and Chute families made their mark. Over the course of 350 years, history recorded their creation of a charming, romantic retreat away from the busy capital. A real haven for flora and fauna.

The walls and windows detail such figures as King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Horace Walpole of Strawberry Hill and other statesmen. The house gave refuge to children during the war and the the stone gallery once an orangery played host to boys continued education. History records that those who visited The Vyne have fond memories of the house and were sad to leave its charming embrace.

The Tudor chapel houses Renaissance stained glass, beautiful 16th-century Flemish Majolica tiles and an elegant 18th-century tomb chamber. The Vyne is truly one of a kind with its original contents almost fully intact. All these delights await you.