Internet security

Holiday cottages retain many of their original features © Fisheye Images

Holiday cottages retain many of their original features

We recognise the concerns that many people have about giving personal information online. These are the measures that we take to secure your information from interception by a third party:

How we secure your information to our web server

All forms containing sensitive information, such as credit card details or bank details, are transmitted to our web server using a 'secure form' in which your details are encrypted using the most secure encryption level available. The encryption certificate is issued by BT Trustwise. To check the details of our certificate, double click on the padlock icon at the bottom of your web browser window when you are on a secure page.

How we hold your information on our web server

In most cases your details are passed immediately to our customer service centre without any information being stored on the web server at all. In those few circumstances where it is necessary to store information temporarily, any sensitive details, such as credit card or bank account numbers, are securely encrypted and stored away from the publicly-accessible areas of the website.

How we transmit your information to our customer service centre

The web server immediately re-encrypts your details and usually emails them on to the customer service centre. The email is itself encrypted so that only staff at the customer service centre can decrypt the information.

Who can you contact with a question about our security policy?

Please email to find out more about the measures we take to keep your information safe.