Yorkshire Moors & Dales Appeal

View of the sunrise from Pule Hill, Marsden Moor © Joe Cornish

View of the sunrise from Pule Hill, Marsden Moor

The iconic Yorkshire Dales, rugged moors and places like Brimham Rocks and Hardcastle Crags are special places. We work hard to balance the needs of conservation with access, nature and people all existing together.

Why are the moors so important?
The rugged, desolate moors in Marsden and North Yorkshire are an intrinsic part of this landscape. They are a vital habitat for endangered species - and the peat covering them plays an invaluable role, absorbing excess carbon dioxide emitted by cars and factories. But the moors are also extremely vulnerable. Drainage, overgrazing and the potential impact of climate change mean that the peat is at real risk of drying out. If this happens, it will disintegrate and be washed away by rain, destroying the bog covering that has taken thousands of years to form.

What do we plan to do?
Our purpose is to:

  • manage the natural environment to restore, enhance and encourage natural processes
  • protect the outstanding landscape quality
  • maintain and preserve the historic environment as appropriate
  • broaden accessibility and appeal for all
  • to work with our tenants and local community in mutually beneficial partnerships

How your gift will help?

  • Your donation will help save rare bird species
  • Will slow erosion and help keep the peat moist and healthy
  • Will reduce flood risk in the valley bottoms
  • Will allow hay meadows to flourish again

With your support we can continue the work we do, ensuring conservation and care in the Yorkshire Moors and Dales and outdoor enjoyment for future generations.