A day in the life of a National Trust ranger

Pony grazing on Wembury cliffs. © Kit Heighway

Pony grazing on Wembury cliffs.

The daily life of a National Trust ranger is one of real variety. Alongside the day-to-day countryside management we are also working with local schools, running interesting events such as canoe adventures and engaging with visitors and organisations that want to enjoy the local countryside.

Real life experience for Plymstock students

The sixth form college from Plymstock School have been volunteering with our team as part of their life experience and citizenship module. Sixteen students have been assisting us with the cutting back of gorse and scrub which was encroaching onto our local hay meadow.

Face to face with the Dartmoor ponies

Checking up on the health and general condition of our Dartmoor ponies is another part of my role as ranger.  We have one herd at Wembury Point and another on Wembury cliffs. Both herds are used to aid with our conservation grazing.

Work for the practically-minded

Rangers need to have a diverse range of practical, admin and engagement skills. We work to improve the natural environment, maintaining high standards of countryside management whilst taking time out to explain our work to local communities and the public. Our work as rangers is primarily about the people – being more visible, inclusive and innovative, with an emphasis on raising our profile within local communities; responding to what people want from their countryside.

We are also actively forging links with other like-minded organisations, supporting their events and projects that happen on our land such as Endurance Life, Stepping Stones Project, Walking to Health - to name but a few.  It is the amazing diversity of this job that makes the ranger role so rewarding.

If you would like to know more about our community projects or about volunteering in and around Wembury, send us an email.

Lorna Sherriff
Ranger – South Devon.