Prepare for your walk on the Causeway Coast

There are walks for all levels of fitness at the Giant's Causeway © National Trust

There are walks for all levels of fitness at the Giant's Causeway

Latest update 14.03.2013 10:36

If you're planning a long walk or ramble around the Causeway Coast, you'll need to come prepared.

Here are some tips to make your hike as smooth as possible:

Pack well: Pack more food and water than you think you will need. Don't wait until you're hungry, take a break every 20 minutes to eat and drink. Exercising curbs your appetite so you might not know when you need to eat.

Plan for emergencies: Bring a First Aid kit, torch and a mobile phone. If you need medication, take more than what you need. Make sure those travelling with you understand any conditions you have and can tell this information to others. You should consult with your doctor before setting off. Telephone number for emergency services is 999.

Go with friends: It's best to avoid walking alone. Make sure you tell people where you will be. Have a home contact who knows your route and expects you back. When you're walking, stick together. Everyone in the group needs access to food, water and first aid.

Stick to your route: If you decide to change your route, it may be more difficult for emergency services to find you. Taking shortcuts off the path can trigger rock falls which are dangerous to walkers below.

Know yourself: Don't take on more than you can handle. Whether it's a short ramble or a day-long hike, pace yourself- you're going too fast if you can't carry on a conversation. Know your route and how long it will take.

Watch the weather: Be aware that weather can change quickly on the North Coast. You should bring good boots, a waterproof jacket and extra layers. In winter, be prepared for snow, ice and rain. In summer, watch for heat and sun. If you feel too hot, cold, sick or dizzy you should stop, drink water and eat food.

Be aware of your surroundings: The Causeway Coast has overhanging cliffs, slippery surfaces and high winds. Check weather reports for latest news.

Respect the Causeway Coast: Leave as little trace of your presence as you can. Don't take away rocks or pick flowers. The Giant's Causeway is a sensitive area and we have to work together to protect it.

We hope you take the time to see all the sights the Giant's Causeway. Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you will enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and natural beauty Northern Ireland has to offer.