Patrols on Marsden Moor

Buckstones is a popular spot for paragliders © National Trust

Buckstones is a popular spot for paragliders

Marsden Moor estate patrols
Patrols take place on the whole of the Marsden Moor Estate

Patrols take place on Marsden Moor to help ensure that the estate is kept in good order, and for walkers and users of the estate to see a National Trust presence on the moors.

The patrols are carried out by a group of volunteers at weekends. Rob Henry, our Warden, and Michael Isherwood, Patrol Volunteer, tell us a bit more about the patrols.

Rob Henry, Warden:

'We need patrols on Marsden Moor as we are looking after a 5,500 acre estate and it is very difficult to get everywhere and be everywhere to see what is going on. We need patrols to be the eyes and ears of the estate, to report back any damage to gates, stiles, footpaths and so on.

It helps us to monitor changes in vegetation and we also record the wildlife sightings. They also help us to address any misuse of the estate as we have problems with motorbikes and quadbikes on the moor.

This is a great way to have a National Trust presence on the moor. It is such a large area and we don't want lots of signs, but people can see our patrol volunteers and see a face for the National Trust, and know that they're on our land. It enables us to pass on information about the work that we're carrying out and offer advice to walkers.'

Michael Isherwood, patrol volunteer:

'As a volunteer it is a great opportunity to get involved with the estate. I help out with guided walks, health walks and patrols. I do the patrols twice a month, usually on a Saturday.

It gives me the opportunity to be out as a visible face for the Trust and to give any help or advice that visitors ask for. I also look out for any problems that can be sorted out by the conservation work parties.

I enjoy it very much, it's a fantastic landscape. It's wonderful to be out on the moors and to have a purpose like this is an added bonus.'