Meet Richard our Woodland Ranger

Richard showing how it's done © photographybyward

Richard showing how it's done

Richard Tanner
Woodland Ranger
South Lakes

Richard and his sidekick Jed (his Spaniel) may be spotted anywhere in the South Lakes where we have woodlands- Richard will be the one in the National Trust fleece.

I have a pretty amazing office - I mean the Lake District not the actual office. I particularly enjoy being outside doing things, especially practical woodland management. It's rewarding when you can use material from the site on the site, even simple things like hedge stakes.

Traditional skills
I worked in the woods of North Yorkshire using heavy horses to extract timber.  Among my hobbies are green wood crafts - I have made various woody things from charcoal to spoons, furniture to an oak framed garden shed and I've demonstrated the skills for visitors in the garden at Hill Top.

In time I would like to play a part in re-introducing coppicing to some of our woodlands. It sounds a bit cheesy but I would like to pass the woodlands on in at least as healthy condition as I found them for other people to enjoy.

My background
I think I was probably born in the wrong century, I struggle with anything that involves technology, computers were a mystery to me but I’m a lot better now. In my first month with the Trust I think I received more e-mails than I had had in the rest of my life.

Before the Trust I was a Ranger at a country park in Lancashire doing mostly practical management, footpaths, fencing, woodland stuff, I wrote the park's woodland management plan, grant applications, did guided walks, school visits – the usual things really. I have had some less interesting jobs, painter, factory cleaner, even a paddling pool attendant!