Muck in day - family volunteering

4 year old Jack getting cracking with the saw

4 year old Jack getting cracking with the saw

Tree clearing
Fyne Court

The day started with us being met by the Rangers and taken to The Walled Garden where Charlie and Jack saw the site of a potential open fire, being boys they were keen to get the fire going, but before this could happen there was work to be done. Steve (one of our very friendly rangers) explained the task of the day; this was to clear trees on the site to make a space that could be put to an alternative use.

Charlie and Jack quickly got to work with the other children to collect enough wood to get the fire going, the reward marshmallows cooked on sticks, this being achieved we got to work on the trees, with lots of sawing, lopping and shouts of ‘timber’ filling the air. Hot soup cooked on the fire was enjoyed as we reflected on the events of the morning.

On to highlights of the day - the boys would say, chopping trees, making a fire, eating flamed marshmallows and getting dirty! For their mother and grandmother the unique opportunity to watch Charlie and Jack ‘muck in’, take risks, build confidence, learn so much in an informal and relaxed way, but most of all we had a great day out together doing something useful. We came as three generations and all got so much from it.

Are we planning on coming along to help out again? – Yes, we can’t wait!