Day in the life of a volunteer at Upton

Pauline Stint, a room guide for over 20 years © National Trust

Pauline Stint, a room guide for over 20 years

Pauline Stint
Volunteer room guide
Upton House and Gardens

My role involves welcoming visitors, being aware of the valuable contents of the House and their security, as well as helping you to enjoy your day at Upton House and Gardens.

I'm a member of the house focus group and have prepared a presentation on the many charities that the 2nd Viscount Bearsted and his wife were involved with.

A typical day as a volunteer room guide at Upton
Before the house opens its doors to the public, I go to a volunteer team briefing that keeps everybody up to date with what's going on.

We then do a room check,which involves finding out where the contents of that room are and making sure everything is ready. Only then do we open the doors to visitors.

After our tea break, I go on to steward in a different room - there's plenty of variety in my day.

Meet and greet
Greeting visitors and answering enquires is a major part of the day. There are lots of useful information packs that I can use to help answer visitor questions and get children involved in activities. For example, we have timelines about the house and the family tree.

My favourite part of volunteering at Upton House is being a member of a very friendly team of staff and volunteers, and the accessibility of priceless works of art.

There are so many interesting opportunities for volunteering at Upton House and Gardens, from guiding tours to helping in the shop or building dry stone walls.