Ten things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Dyrham Park

There's hours of fun to be had with the National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 11¾ challenge - half of which you can complete with us here at Dyrham Park. Here is a list of the top 10 50 things to do here.

    Climb a tree

    An intrepid 50-things challenger climbs a low-lying bough of this unusual tree

    With over a thousand individual trees in the open parkland at Dyrham Park, there's no shortage of choice - but not all our trees are suitable to climb. Ask at reception for our recommended trees, and make sure you come prepared with the right clothing/footwear.

    Roll down a really big hill

    A 50-things challenger rolls down one of Dyrham

    There are plenty of hills to choose from at Dyrham Park, from gentle slopes to serious hills for those who really want a challenge. Check the hill isn't out of bounds and there's nothing in the way (especially if it's brown and smelly) and off you go.

    Feel like you're flying in the wind

    Feel like you

    The two things needed for this challenge are a really windy day and a wide open space - with lots of space and a fair bit of wind in the higher parts of the park, this should be a pretty easy one. Just close your eyes and let your imagination transport you.

    Take a look inside a tree

    Kids climbing onto and into one of the amazing hollow tree trunks at Dyrham Park, near Bath

    Some of the trees at Dyrham Park are over 300 years old and their trunks are massive. Near the orangery, you'll find a tree perfect for climbing inside. Just remember, there could be a big black crow lurking inside who might be surprised to see you.

    Climb a huge hill

    The sweeping parkland in front of the East Front at Dyrham Park

    A good one to combine with no. 2 on the list - either before you roll down the hill, or after. And if rolling down the hill turns out to be good fun, you might even find yourself doing it several times- a good way of putting any adult you're with to the test.

    Hunt for bugs

    A bug pot with a magnifying lid means you can see this slug in all its glory

    It's a brilliant bug's life here at Dyrham Park - there are so many old trees and patches of long grass to hide in as well as our bug hotel up at Old Lodge. Borrow a magnifying glass from reception, keep your eyes peeled.

    Balance on a fallen tree

    Two young children having fun jumping around on one of the fallen tree trunks in the park at Dyrham

    The park is full of fallen trees that have been left on the ground to encourage bugs and fungi. Sometimes, they are turned into benches so that visitors can enjoy some of the great views. You'll have no trouble completing this challenge, as long as you've got good balance.

    Track wild animals

    A male deer looks proudly out over the deer park at Dyrham

    From deer to badgers, barn owls to squirrels, hundreds of wild animals have made Dyrham Park their home, so you won't need to look far to spot some tell-tale tracks or pungent poo (but remember, deer can easily take fright, so try not to get too close, especially if they're young).

    Plant it, grow it, eat it

    A visitor gets stuck in planting her very own radish seedling to take home

    Head to Old Lodge picnic and play area in the park to find our allotment - be inspired by the range of delicious-looking vegetables on display and then try planting your own seeds to take home with you. Hopefully, you'll soon be able to eat what you've grown.

    Fly a kite

    A boy running along with his kite

    Bring your own kite or pick up one when you're here and then head out into the park for some exciting kite-flying. There are plenty of wide open spaces to choose from, but remember that sometimes it can be too windy - we wouldn't want you to get carried away.

If you complete some or all of our top-ten things to do before you're 11¾, we'd love to hear from you: why not send us an email to tell us how you got on.

Plus, we're looking for exciting new challenges to add to our list of 50 things - submit your ideas at nationaltrust.org.uk/50things for a chance to win a 50 things adventure pack.